From producing a marketing plan to designing a business card, from creating a brand to training you to write a press release, Spot On can help you to find a sustainable position in your chosen markets and attract the attention you need to succeed.

Our expertise includes Marketing, PR and Design. If you’re not sure what that includes, read on…

Marketing – Planning for a Sustainable Future
Wondering what the future holds for your venture? By reviewing your marketing mix, building on your strengths and looking for opportunities to help you grow, we can support you along the road to success.

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PR – Managing Reputation
Think PR is all about press releases? There’s a lot more to it than that. We can help you to create integrated communications campaigns that reach all of your stakeholders, build your reputation and bring you more of what you want.

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Design – Building Your Identity and Gaining Recognition
Are you making a visual impact or is your organisation lost in the crowd? Strong and consistent imagery is essential to becoming memorable in the minds of clients, funders and support agencies. We can help you to attract the right kind of attention with a design that speaks volumes about your organisation.

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